Notice to CSI Sponsors and Advertisers 4 April 2017

4 April 2017

Dear Sponsor/Advertiser of and/or Marina ZarPar

You are receiving this notice because you are listed or mentioned as a sponsor, a supporter, and/or advertiser of and/or Marina ZarPar who publish the invalid Caribbean Security Index (CSI).

This is a notification that you are supporting a product – Caribbean Security Index (CSI) – promoted as a signature product of, that has not been shown to be valid, and could be potentially dangerous for cruisers to use to assess risk of crimes against yachts in specific locations in the Caribbean.

Formal complaints regarding the Caribbean Security Index (CSI) and the false, deceptive and misleading advertising have been filed with governmental, private and cross border agencies.

Click here to see a summary of the efforts to substantiate the validity of CSI.

The CSI provides no proof the derived probabilities are validated, better than chance, or value added for a captain to use when attempting to assess risk of crime targeted at vessel and crew in a specific cruising location in the Caribbean. Therefore, CSI advertised claims that the probabilities are useful for assessing risk of crimes against yachts in specific locations in the Caribbean are unsubstantiated and false.

Moreover, the use of an improperly validated index mixed with liberal doses of biased opinion to indicate that locations are “safe” is false, misleading, deceptive and possibly dangerous to unsuspecting captains who rely on the information to be validly predictive for use in their risk analyses.

The CSI should be retracted from any present and/or past mentions regarding, Marina ZarPar, and from any promotion by Marina ZarPar or as well as by any media sponsor or advertiser which currently mentions CSI. The CSI should be retired immediately.

What you can do:

Ask and Marina ZarPar one question: To what extent is CSI valid? To date no validity information has been forthcoming.

Then, to avoid supporting a non-valid and potentially dangerous product, the CSI should not be promoted by advertisers accepting advertisements from Marina Zar-Par or

All sponsors and advertisers should stop all CSI related advertising immediately. The CSI has not been shown to be valid by the author(s)

Thank you,

Mary Stone

Captain, M/V Ms.Astor

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