CSI has not been shown to be Valid

Many attempts were made to discuss CSI validity and methodology with the author and all requests were ignored.

The logical conclusion is that there is nothing to discuss because there is nothing available to substantiate the CSI claims.

The CSI unsubstantiated claims are possibly dangerous because almost all of the locations that were indexed are presented as safe. Moreover, there are little to no data available that could ever support such a claim. The danger comes in using such fabricated pseudoscience to justify feeling that a location is  “safe”.

Feeling safe tends to lower vigilance and that could increase the vulnerability of captain, crew and vessel. CSI promotes a false, deceptive and misleading sense of safety.

If a captain decides to use CSI – GREAT CAUTION SHOULD BE EXERCISED – because CSI has not been shown to be valid by its author(s)

NOTE: For the statistical geeks among us, the following links point to validity methodologies that should be possibly performed on CSI. While not all of the methods are appropriate to the CSI, many are. The point is that validity can be assessed for the CSI. However there is no indication that CSI has been tested for validity.









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