CSI – Bad Data = Bad Everything

Searches for quality data regarding the following have been conducted. No current systematically collected data are available that could be used ethically to calculate a probability index at the level of resolution CSi claims.

  1. Socio Demographic Data
  2. Crime reports
  3. Unemployment
  4. Levels of education and literacy.
  5. Average income
  6. Distribution of income
  7. Presence of security
  8. Presence of infrastructure
  9. Past record and history of crimes in a given area

When CSI was asked for their sources of such data the requests were ignored – even when a nondisclosure agreement was offered.

These sources below have been researched and provide no robust data to validate the CSI claims:

Statistics produced by United Nations Statistical Division, Demographic and Social Topics, Social Indicators or UNESCO or the IMF  or EUROSTAT  or IDB or OSAC or The World Bank None are current for 2016 – the latest “update” of the CSI.

Only broad generalized and inconsistent data could be found and only for some countries and none having to do with crime against yachts. There are no data across the Caribbean that even count the number of yachts in a location over time at a country level much less an anchorage, harbor, mooring or marina. No data could be found to support the CSI ability to use proper statistical methods to craft the CSI.

Therefore, bad data (or little data) equals bad results.

The CSI has not been shown to be valid for its claims.

See IDB starving for data

See World Bank data quality assessment

See Old Data

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