CSI – Old Data – Example, unemployment data from the UN – Education data from UNESCO

Assuming CSI used unemployment data published by the UN, last updated December 2012, how can the CSI, published 31 December 2016, claim to be an “update”? Moreover, we have not been able to find sufficient other current data on social indicators/demographics, etc., suitable for calculating a country level CSI much less at the level of a specific anchorage, mooring, harbor or marina.

Source: United Nations Statistical Division, Demographic and Social Topics, Social Indicators

And most statistics produced by UNESCO or the IMF  or EROSTAT  or IDB or OSAC or The World Bank are not current for 2016 – the latest “update” of the CSI.

If CSI would have answered the questions regarding the data sources used to calculate a current set of CSI indices, we could possibly find at least some credibility to their claims. But, CSI provided nothing. Which left us on our own to try to prove the validity of their claims. So far, nothing can be found that would support the validity of the CSI – especially anything current for 2016 – or for that matter, CSI reports back to 2013.

Since we could not find sufficient current data on any demographic from any source for 2016 it is a mystery how CSI could calculate anything resembling an “update”.  It is not credible that CSI would publish an “update” dated 31 December 2016 when there was very little or no 2016 data available. Or perhaps the report was backdated?  Of course, backdating would be more deception.

UPDATE – May 2018: CSI has not been updated in almost a year and a half. It is now so old none of the information is useful for assessing risk. Of course, it was not shown to be valid to start with. It is even worse now.

CSI has not provided any information about the credibility of the data used.

If you are interested here is the UN Data on Unemployment:

(remember it is only current to 2012 – pretty much useless for a CSI in 2016)




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