CSI is Deceptive

When CSI identifies all but the well known trouble spots as safe (above 7 on their 10 point scale) the usefulness of the index is questionable. It deceives the user by using biased pseudoscience to give the impression that the labeling of a specific location as “safe” is based on science.

One reason a commercial business would try to deceive is for money. In this case freecruisingguides.com is a content marketing business. It uses the lure of free content like CSI to motivate users to download content (Cruising Guides for free) that will present paid adverts to the user. The business gets paid by advertisers and the bank accounts of the principals and employees are likely to swell as a result.

While content marketing is a legitimate business approach used by many, it is deceptive when the content (CSI) is bad science, commercially biased, and in this case could actually increase a user’s risk of being a crime victim instead of reducing it.

Another deception recently (since we have been blowing the whistle) has been the inclusion of gratuitous disclaimers that indicate CSI should be used with other information and that the Captain should not rely on CSI to predict crime happening. Hmmmm… that is odd? CSI touts its probabilities but disclaims them. And has criticised all other information? Sounds like CSI is running for cover after receiving six requests to substantiate its validity – which it has not done.

The deception is likely motivated by potential profits at the expense of the safety of cruisers. All this under the cover of the fog of pseudoscience and gratuitous disclaimers designed to further fog the judgment of the user. It’s fake science – opinion cloaked as authoritative statistical prediction.

NOTE: Another indication that CSI has been shamelessly commercialized is the offer of a free hat (complete with commercial logos, etc) to anyone who will report a crime. These cruisers are referred to as… “sea roving Caribbean Security Investigators – be the first to report a verifiable crime along your cruising route and we will mail you the official CSI I SPY hat.” . (bold added for emphasis) So you can enjoy that designation and wear the hat to promote freecruisingguides.com, a technique used by nefarious promoters, politicians and hustlers.

Whatever the motive, CSI remains deceptive, invalid and potentially dangerous.

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