This site is purpose built to debunk The Caribbean Security Index (CSI) published by freecruisinggiudes.com and Marina ZarPar.

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The CSI provides no proof it’s probabilities are validated, better than chance, or value added for a captain to use when attempting to assess risk of crime targeted at vessel and crew in a specific cruising location in the Caribbean. CSI has been asked a simple question, “is CSI Valid?” CSI has made NO COMMENT. Therefore, CSI advertised claims that its probabilities are useful for assessing risk of crimes against yachts in the Caribbean are unsubstantiated and can be considered tacitly false and scientifically undefended.

Even when offered a nondisclosure agreement to protect any perceived proprietary methodology, requests for a professional peer discussion of the validity of the CSI were ignored.

Moreover, the use of an improperly validated index mixed with liberal doses of biased opinion to indicate that locations are “safe” is misleading and possibly dangerous to unsuspecting captains who rely on the information to be true.

“If you count on safety and do not think of danger if you do not know enough to be wary when enemies arrive, this is called a sparrow nesting on a tent, a fish swimming in a cauldron–they won’t last the day.–Chuko Liang (A.D. 181-234 )

Excerpt From: Robert Greene. “The 33 Strategies of War.” iBooks. 

The CSI is advertised to be based on properly applied scientific statistical well crafted risk analysis. This claim is unsubstantiated, false, deceptive and misleading . The author  provides no proof of validity and no defense of CSI claims. The claims made by the CSI are unsubstantiated.

The CSI should be retired immediately.

The CSI should be retracted from any present and past mentions on freecruisingguides.com , http://marinazarpar.com/ and from any promotion by Marina Zar-Par  or Free Cruising Guides in any media sponsor or advertiser which currently mentions CSI.

The CSI should not be promoted by advertisers accepting adverts from Marina Zar-Par, or freecruisingguides.com. All Sponsors and advertisers should stop all CSI related advertising immediately. See NOTICE

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This site goes away when CSI goes away.

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